By. Anuradha

love is a wonderful thing. When you are in love with someone, their age, race, qualities or all the other differences won’t matter to you at all. However, the most beautiful love stories are not heard only from the human world but also from the animal world. we thought of sharing this beautiful story of a dog and cow as they show how miraculous a true love can be.

The rookie was grown up not with his real mom but with a cow in the farm whom he thought to be his mom. They were inseparable. Rookie’s whole world was centered around this cow and they were very much attached. In both of their eyes, all the differences in their races were not noticeable and all that matters to them was that they love and care for each other. 

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However, the owner of the farm realized that this friendship won’t be good for Rookie. He was a dog and he would not develop his skills when he lives with a cow. So, the farmer thought of separating them and took the cow away. The rookie was literally in tears after this. He followed cow’s smell and went to the place they kept the cow. Their reunion was very much touching. Rookie began to jump all around the cow for the joy. The owner also realized that the duo is inseparable and nothing can break the bond between them. so, he took the cow back to his place and thought of introducing new doggy friends to Rookie so that he can live with all the species.

This new method seemed much more effective as the dog got to meet new friends and at the same time be with its cow mom too. Even though these two animals belong to two different species, their love and attachment for each other teach much about what true love should be. We tend to ignore our parents, our partners and close ones due to minor offenses. Sometimes, just because they don’t suit your standards you would try to distant them. but, true love is something where you appreciate and care for someone not based on their status but based on their qualities.

So, You understand the difference between the animal world is from that of the world we are living in. if you can love and appreciate someone in the same way Rookie is attached to the cow, then there is no doubt that you are having a true and pure heart.

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