If you are someone who owns a cat, then you might have observed that they are curious creatures who love to keep an eye on everything that is happening around them. This is the reason why they pick vantage points to keep their eyes on incidents taking place in their environment. This is where glass ceilings come in.

The Twitter user named @SCMcrocodile, shared some images of how his friend’s shop looked after he renovated the attic to house his cats. Now his friend is under observation at all times. This all began after the shop owner decided to use glass ceiling panels instead of regular suspended ceiling tiles.

Image Credit & More Info; SCMcrocodile/Twitter

SCMcrocodile’s friend owns three beautiful cats and ever since the glass panels were installed on the ceiling above the shop, these cats have been spending their time on top of the glass tiles, lying down on it and looking attentively at the humans below. These cats also make sure to greet shoppers by meowing at them.

There is no doubt about the fact that cats play the role of a perfect surveillance system. How would you feel if you looked up and saw a cat staring at you intently? I know that I would be creeped out. The cats can instantly transform into an alarm system whenever they are not fed on time. These hungry balls of fur end up shredding whatever they find. They consider themselves to be royalty and make sure that their owner caters to their needs.

The images that were shared online gained more than 150K likes and 60K retweets. Some social media users decided to create memes out of this incident since it was hilarious. There’s even a YouTube video of these ceiling cats. Enjoy the photographs and video footage, and don’t forget to leave us a comment below.

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