By: Anuradha

Jessie Gallan, the oldest lady in Scotland recently revealed her secret about her long life. Just as her, her secret was also funny and simple.

She says “if you want to live long, then eat porridge for breakfast every day and most importantly start avoiding men.

She explains while laughing that we should hide away from men. “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

Jessie has been independent in her whole life. She has left her home when she was 13 and since then had worked hard to live. She never got married but, earns hard to live well. “I worked hard and seldom would I take a holiday,” she says.

In her interview to Daily Mail she explained about her life before and after turning 100.

A caregiver at her nursing home explained how she start the day with a smile, attend for her exercise classes and have little chit chats with her chosen friends.

Unfortunately, she passed way soon after giving the interview. Yet, there are lot of things to learn from her life. She never became a trouble to anyone around her even as a teenager or after passing 100 years. She was strong and stable and it is something that we all should learn from her life.

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