By. Anuradha

Real life heroes do not have super powers. They cannot fly in the sky or read someone else’s mind. But they can sense when someone else is in need of help and they would do their best to save innocent lives.

A poor kitten was left by the roadside without anyone to take care of and it was pretty clear that the kitty would not make it unless a miracle occurred. However, this golden retriever came to the rescue of the kitty and changed its life forever. The Golden Retriever by his senses knew that the safest place for the cat baby would be his home and therefore, the dog took him by his teeth and carefully brought the kitty to his home.

The owner was of course surprised by this stranger and by looking at his critical condition immediately started to feed him. In the video below you can see the kitty trying to quench its thirst by gulping down milk and we are happy to say that the Kitty could make it.

The Golden Retriever did not stop looking after the new friend after bringing him home but was determined to become its big brother and you can see how they enjoy each other’s company.

Even though we try to complicate our lives by always having segregation between us, the animal world seems to be far better and far intelligent than the human world. We all know that dogs and cats are not considered as friends. However, this Golden retriever proved that all that matters is genuinely looking after and caring for the ones in need. We are sure that both the kitten and the dog will have a nice time ahead as friends and they also set an example for all of us to forget all boundaries and share love and kindness among everyone.

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