By. Thilini

What makes people attractive? Well, for the most part, it depends on who is asking.
Whether we admit it or not, the law of attraction has this spot for many of us, we attract not what we want but what we are.

It is no easy task deciding on what makes someone attractive. Usually, it a mixture of things, including looks, logic, intellect, personality, and so on. And more importantly, just one factor is not enough for attraction. Well, for instance, if you meet a young lady or a gentleman with a hot body and a mind like a child’s, would it work out? When you find out that there is no intellectual maturity and emotional connection, you will gradually detach yourself from them even if you are there just for the sex.

And yes, we are all different from each other and what is appealing to us is also different. However, there are certain things that people find attractive no matter what age, race, the gender they belong to.

#1. Sense of Humor.

A good sense of humor is immensely attractive. This is something proven by science. You can find research on this here, here, and here. Life tends to get pretty hard sometimes and having someone who can make you laugh means everything during such moments. A good sense of humor also means good cognitive fitness, creativity, and high intelligence.

#2. Self-confidence.

This is the most important thing when it comes to attraction. Have you ever met someone who is really confident? We do not mean being cocky here. What we mean is someone who is genuinely happy, secure in themselves, and has their shit together. Well, doesn’t that sound like something you would find very attractive? Self-confidence also makes you more approachable and easy-going, so there you have your ice breaker.

#3. Kindness.

Nobody wants to be around someone who is mean and rude. And in contrast, what about someone who is genuinely kind? Someone who helps out total strangers for no reason? Yes, those are the ones we find attractive. This kindness does not make you seem weak; instead, it makes you seem empathetic and sensitive.

#4. Passion.

There is a saying that goes as, “People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes” if you have passion in you, it defines you and puts you on a pedestal. It makes your eyes shine and that is immensely attractive.

#5. Being open-minded.

Open-minded people do not rush into conclusions. They do not judge people based on appearances. Being open-minded opens up opportunities and helps you have a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. Being around open-minded people is really easy and comfortable, automatically making them much more attractive.

#6. They make others feel important.

People who are attractive know that others are important. They listen with genuine interest and show that they care. Simply put, they make people feel important and that itself is a part of their charm.

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