By. Anuradha

One of the dream destinations of every travel-lover is Niagara Falls. The splendid sight of the falls cascading down in early morning light is just spectacular and it cannot be compared with anything. the giant volume of water falling down is not just sight but almost a feeling and that is why earlier, even people worshipped these natural wonders.

Niagara is actually a group of three waterfalls between the Canadian province of Ontario and US State of New York. It has the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America and this is such a great place to visit at any time of the year, however, if you visit the falls in winter, you will not be welcomed by cascading water but by another magnificent sight! In serious weather conditions, like the one North America is currently experiencing, the waterfall would freeze completely and that is something you should include in your ‘must-watch’ list.

With the sudden cold, many areas of the waterfall are frozen and have created so many beautiful ice structures. It seems as this is a sight from Narnia and there is no doubt that you would absolutely love it! so, scroll down to see some breath-taking pictures and don’t forget to share your thoughts about this with us!

#1. This looks like a palace! (Igor Ilyutkin)

#2. Just look at these structures like coral! (punkodelish)

#3. My goodness! This is incredible! (rolandbast)

#4. Just look at the beauty! (abitesta)

#5. The beauty of the winter! (arjsun)

#6. This is not a Christmas decoration! (arayeremian)

#7. Imagine going down there! (adamrdanni)

#8. Whoa! (harish7470)

#9. The lamppost! (jrbello711)

#10. This is magical! (washingtonpos)

#11. A living paradise!

#12. The blue ice! (ladzinski)

#13. Wowww! (1EmmaV)

#14. This is amazing! (niagaraparks)

#15. OMG! (erandy_federico)

#16. Frozen! (Aaron Lynett/The Canadian Press via AP)

#17. It’s all about ice. (whiteworksaptairbnb)

#18. It is cold! (Aaron Lynett/The Canadian Press via AP)

#19. Look at the US! (thisthat101)

#20. The perfect shot! (christinaorti23)

#21. Wow, amazing! (harish7470)

#22.  This must be assign from a fairy tale! (harish7470)

#23. Keep your eyes there! (mode_fabbitt)

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