True friends never cause you mental distress. And by expressing gratitude to his owner for giving him a gift, this dog demonstrated that he was the most kind-hearted friend. The thankful dog pretended to be okay with his owner unintentionally buying a little dog bed. You can see how appreciative he was of the gift from his owner by the way he is sitting on top of the tiny bed and using it as a pillow.

Twitter user @paetonmathes posted this endearing tale. For their furry friend Kenny, her mother purchased a dog bed, but it was too small for the large dog. To Kenny, it was in fact a total mismatch. However, the devoted dog “pretended” to be cool with it, possibly to save the feelings of her owner. Did Kenny truly believe that the tiny dog bed was the right fit for him, or was he merely acting? But his grateful gesture is enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

Image Credit & More Info; paetonmathes/Twitter | paeton.mathes/Instagram

There are so many wonderful things about dogs. We’ll even go so far as to argue that dogs make the best pets. Your life will be filled with love, devotion, and many reasons to smile thanks to these canine friends. In addition, dogs are so devoted to their owners that they will adjust to any lifestyle in order to coexist peacefully. We love cats too, but if you want a cat’s affection, you’ll need to get used to their quirks and cater to all of their needs. But since dogs accept you for who you are, you won’t need to worry about anything.

They will still adore you even if you stink, are impoverished, or are not handsome. And sure, they will still adore you despite the fact that you are terrible at shopping and can’t even discern an XL from an XS.

The wonderful post on Twitter has received over 100k likes and has been shared over 60k times. In fact, the message gained such much traction that a specific pet bed manufacturer learned about it. They also gave the generous dog a large bed that was the right size for him as a treat. Naturally, Kenny adored the large bed. He won’t allow anyone to take away his tiny bed dog, though, and he still keeps it with him.

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