Although he had a difficult beginning to his life, Bertram finally turned out to be a successful rock star. The Pomeranian was given up for adoption when he was just five months old because his breeders believed that he was too large to be sold. The artist Kathy Grayson, on the other hand, came upon his photographs on the internet and simply could not resist the puppy.

Grayson shared his sighting of Bert with the interviewers who were interested in the story, saying, “I saw Bert on—there were three little photos.” His small face, his blue bandana, his enormous paws, and his eyes that pointed in different ways; he was grey-colored, not brown, when he was a puppy; the expression on his face whispered to me; I knew it would be him.

Image Credit & More Info; bertiebertthepom/Instagram | facebook | tiktok

They are now both residing in New York City, and the gorgeous chocolate Pom who looks like a tiny bear couldn’t be happier. She adopted Bertie from a shelter in Oklahoma, and ever since then, they have been living together.

Kathy stated that the initial growth of Bertie’s popularity was probably caused by a few cute shots where he fell asleep in the supermarket and fetched a meatball. However, it was when she dressed him up as Paddington Bear that the Pom caused an explosion of happiness on his account. Kathy was referring to the pictures that really boosted Bertie’s popularity.

Grayson decided to create an Instagram account for her four-legged friend so that she could capture his day-to-day activities. Bertie’s images took over the platform, and now his fan army is comprised of 43k people. His photos depicted him doing everything from going for walks and taking naps to having play sessions and snacking.

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When he is not working, Bertie “works” as an art connoisseur in the gallery that his owner owns, which is called The Hole. The art gallery where he works is frequented by those who come to give him gifts and take photographs of him. Fans can always count on him to be so kind! “There were a lot of kisses,” Kathy revealed.

As a result, he now is able to spend the entire day with me, which is unquestionably what he prefers.

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