By. Ran

Have you ever wondered why so many attractive and smart women are single? They are not high maintenance, they are loving and caring. More importantly, they are down to earth. If so, why are they single?

Well, they are not single because they are focused only on their careers or think of themselves as superior. They are single because of their high intellectual abilities and high self-esteem that keep them from getting into a relationship just for the sake of it.  A super smart woman is not willing to get into an unhealthy relationship which does not keep up with her pace.

If you wanna know why these ladies are rolling solo, then you are in for a treat. Beware, some of these reasons might surprise you.

#1. They have high standards.

They will not accept anything lesser than what they truly deserve. Their men have to possess characteristics such as being strong, confident, and strong. And if a man cannot keep up with a strong woman, they are not supposed to date such a woman.

#2. They already feel fulfilled.

They do not need a man to feel emotionally complete and accomplished. They already have loving families.

#2. They don’t tolerate bulls*it

Hell yeah! Strong women are allergic to hypocrites, liars and manipulators.  They will not let anyone play with their feelings and cheat.

#4. They put in a great deal of energy and effort in becoming accomplished in different spheres.

These women are fixated on improving themselves on professional and personal grounds. And they will not settle for a relationship with a lazy, dream-less partner who would hinder her own ambitions.

#5. The childish dream of marrying the prince on the white horse no longer exists.

Strong women do not wait for the prince charming. That kind of delusions are meaningless for them. They do not need a man to feel safe and protected. They are not afraid to be on their own, or even to be single mothers. If they are getting into a relationship, they are getting into one which is real.

#6. They are never a second option

Strong woman know that they come first and will not settle for anything less. They know their worth and that they are irreplaceable.

#7. A lot of guys feel intimidated by strong women.

Even if it’s hard to believe, guys do not like to date women who are strong and independent. They prefer naïve, doll-like women who always act like they need to be protected. Well, strong women are nothing like that and guys are intimidated by them. If you can’t stand the thought of a woman who does not need you saving her, then it’s your loss.

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