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Life gets better when it is full of pleasant surprises. The monotony of all daily routines can be broken down with a simple act and now we are going to tell you about such a pleasant surprise done by a Japanese zoo.

There is no doubt that you all have gone through various emergency drills at some point in your life. Sometimes, it might have been a beautiful flight attendant waving their hands or a fire drill at work. But, have you gone through some lion escapades when you visited a zoo?

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This Japanese zoo decided to perform a lion escape.

Tobe Zoo in Ehime planned to make their visitors be prepared for the worst-case scenarios that can happen at zoos and they actually did it in a very cool way.

It totally made sense to have a human dressed up as a lion.

They used a human dressed up as a lion for their mission and in the footage, they have released it seems as if the (human) lion is wandering around the zoo looking for prey.

However, this fake lion was observed by the real zoo inhabitants.

The funniest thing was that while the imposter roams around the zoo, the real lions who were caged were keenly observing the whole scene. Let’s hope that they learned a lesson out of this!

Even though this is funny, there is no doubt that no one wants to face this in real life.

This show would have given a good practice for zoo workers to be in alert nevertheless, we hope they will never face a situation where they have to deal with nets and all other tools in real life.

It seems as if the real lions were not impressed by this act.

They remained cuddled up together without paying any interest in the ongoing scene.

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