By. Ran

When we go through tough times of extreme stress our souls tend to be tired. It might feel a lot like being depressed because they both have the same symptoms. When this happens, most likely it is because our souls need time to repair itself. Just like anything else. If we ignore these signs and ignore the need to repair and refresh our souls, our energy depletes. This might result in serious issues such as chronic anxiety and depression.

Here are 10 signs which say that your soul is exhausted and depleted.

#1. During the day, all you wanna do is lie down and rest.  You take frequent naps and find yourself struggling to get up from the bed. And at night, sleep is particularly difficult because those nightmares seem so real.

#2. There is an aching sensation all over your body, you feel tensed and dizzy. You may also experience stomachaches and blurred vision without a proper reason.

#3. When asked what is wrong, you don’t know how to respond because you are not sure how you feel. You know something complex and deep is going on but you can’t explain why you feel that way.

#4. You feel fragmented and dismantled often because your mind and body are not in sync.

#5. All your emotions are magnified and intensified. You find yourself crying for no apparent reason. It is like your heart would explode.

#6. You experience mild panic attacks or chronic anxiety.

#7. Even when you are with other people, you feel very lonely. You start questioning the people around you, the people whom you can trust; this is because you are on the defense mode most of the time.

#8. While you are normally a very compassionate person who is caring and forgiving, now you have bitter feelings of anger, resentment, and jealousy about the things that happen. 

#9. Your body feels weak, you do not have the strength you used to have. Going to the gym and working out is no more enjoyable and it feels like hard work.

#10. You feel uncertain and scared about the future. You feel like packing your bags and going somewhere to start over. You no longer enjoy what you do.

If you are feeling this way, then it is time to put yourself first and take care of yourself. Take a nice hot bath, play your favorite music, spend time with the people you love and tend to your soul.  When you really pay attention to what your soul needs, you will radiate with positivity and beauty.

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