By: Anuradha

The first impulses that we get when someone that we love decides to move away from the bond or simply when you happened to face a breakup, can hardly be described by the words. we feel so painful and sad and sometimes, life becomes a living hell. The more we recollect the memories that we had, the more we feel ashamed and bad and there are some, who even take hard decisions as to do self-harms.

So, why is this happening? It’s like you live but you don’t feel any vibrancy. You meet new people and you do your daily routine, but you feel you miss something. It is like your past memories are constantly disturbing you and even though you know that the one you loved will not come back to you, you hope a miracle would happen and change everything to a better way.

Maybe you will feel like you can’t breathe anymore. You might be strong and maybe someone who is in a higher position in the society. But when you happened to face this sort of a circumstance, you will no longer feel special and you will simply feel you be no one.

That is why it is important to clear yourself from negative energetic/etheric codes. You need to clear yourself from this pessimism and if not you will suffer not only mentally but physically and spiritually as well.

The etheric code is a structure that connects to our energy bodies. We form etheric codes with anyone that we are close with and if the relationship is a healthy one, this energy will be calming and pleasing. But if the relationship is toxic, this energy will be negative and it will hinder our movements making us stuck in the past.

So, let’s see the symptoms of negative cording:

  • Repeat conversations in your head with a particular person.
  • Daily arguments in your mind with the person.
  • Being tempted to get back with them even though the relationship was toxic.
  • Having trouble sleeping because of your constant processing of the past.
  • A desire for revenge, or thinking that you are constantly being treated unfairly.
  • Turning invitations and offers down because you are not interested in anything.
  • Inability to cease obsessing and thinking about that person.
  • Remembering often their words, judgments and criticisms for you.
  • Getting emotional over past memories.
  • Stalking them on social media.
  • Deep feelings of anger, sadness, and depression.
  • Being an emotional wreck and crying a lot.

So, the best way that you can cut etheric codes is trying to forget everything about your past. You can maybe write the names of the people that you need to forget and think that you are going to remove all the feelings and connections you had with them and then burn the paper.

For instance, you can write the name of your ex and think “We are not together anymore Alex, you cannot hurt me anymore. I am free to do what I wish” and then burn the paper with his name. you will feel some relax and you will feel as if some weight has been removed from your head.

You cannot cut etheric codes easily as they are deeply rooted within yourself and therefore, try to do this activity regularly. You have the power to deviate yourself from the ones that you need not have and even after doing these activities, if you feel that you can’t cut the etheric code, it is basically because you are not ready or that as yet.

So, here is how you should get ready for that and cut down the etheric codes.

  1. Write a letter to the person with whom you need to cut the cord.
  2. Close your eyes and call out their name.
  3. Read the letter out loud as if they were in front of you.
  4. Burn the latter.
  5. Keep your hands over your heart and whisper the words “I release you. I am no longer emotionally attached to you. You are free to go”

Sometimes, that person might try to contact you in the following days but stay firm and refuse him on all those occasions.

What is basically important is to get yourself free from negative energies and being the person that you also wanted to be in life.

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