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Most of us are really cautious when buying food items. We check for the expiration date as a must but when it comes to other household items, we do not pay the same attention. We hardly think that other products can be expired but the truth is that most of the items around us are getting expired and here we have compiled a list for you about the items that you should pay attention.

In the bedroom.

#1. Pillows – Pillows should be changed after 2-3 years. With time dust mites start to grow in any type of pillows and can cause neck pain due to the loss of shape.

#2. Slippers – slippers should be changed after 6 months. Fungal infections are prone to grow in slippers and they have to be washed as often as possible.

In the bathroom.

#3. Sponge – sponges are the ideal environment for fungus growth. Shower poufs can be boiled in hot water and they should be changed after 2 weeks.

#4. Towel – Towels can be used only for 1-3 years. Even if you wash towels regularly, bacteria would not be destroyed perfectly and therefore they should be changed on time.

#5. Hydrogen peroxide – when you open the bottle, hydrogen peroxide will turn into regular water in 2 months. An unopened bottle should not be stored for more than a year. So, you should change the bottle after 2 months.    

On the dressing table.

#6. Hairbrush – hairbrush should be cleaned at least once a week and it should be replaced once a year. Brushes with natural boar bristles can be replaced every 7-10 months.

#7. Perfume –  perfumes and Eau de parfum contain essential oils that last 3 years when tightly closed and 2 years when stored opened. Eau de toilette can be kept for 4 years when closed and 2 years when stored opened.

In the nursery.

#8. Pacifier –  no matter how they look, latex pacifiers have to be replaced after 2-5 weeks. Latex breaks easily and cracks would be good breeding places for germs.

#9. Child car seats – we use child car seats for our kid’s protection. But with time they plastic and foam deteriorate and therefore the seat loses its shape. So always change seats after 6-10 years. 

In the wardrobe.

#10. Bra –  even though many of us do not pay much attention, bras should be changed after 1-2 years. Its shape, elasticity will change with time and will feel uncomfortable to wear with time. 

#11. Running shoes – sneakers lose their quality after you have run 250-300 miles. So, they should be changed after 1 year.  

In the kitchen.

#12. Spices –  spices must be changed frequently. They change the taste and smell over time. grounded spices should not be kept longer than 6 months.

#13. Flour – you can store first-grade flour for 6 months. High-grade one can be kept for a year. 

In the pantry.

#14. Fire extinguishers – if there is no damage to your extinguisher you can keep it for 15 years. 

#15. Power strips – you must change your power strips after 1-2 years. They have a certain capacity that they can endure and it can cause serious issues when the capacity is exceeded.

#16. Disinfectants – the effectiveness of disinfectants would be reduced after 3 months.

#17. Mosquito repellents. – mosquito repellents will not be useful after 2 years.

#18. Power sockets – they should be changed after 4-5 years. When kept longer they can cause electrical fires in the house.  

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