Attention, office workers! Your superiors have come up with a novel approach to tracking your output. No, they’re not recording anything. Also, they aren’t paying your coworkers to let them know if you show up to work tipsy or leave five minutes early for lunch. CATS is being used for eavesdropping purposes!

Are you not convinced? If you want to view the evidence for yourself, scroll below. A Japanese Twitter user named @omocha_no_uma received the photos from a coworker and decided to share them online. Office workers are eager to warn others about this cunning new kind of surveillance, and the word is spreading fast thanks to the 80k shares of the photographs. The next time you’re at work, do your part and alert your coworkers about the monitor cats hiding in the ceiling. It will be appreciated by many. No one will ever suspect that you’re insane.
We should start by discussing those midnight zoomies. I don’t need to explain anything to you. In the middle of the night, when you’re slumbering soundly on your memory foam mattress, a mad dash across your living room takes place. Furthermore, you won’t believe this. If you want to know who the hero is, it’s your cat.

Image Credit & More Info; omocha_no_uma

Here’s more evidence to the fact that your cat might be a spy:
The midnight rampage might be a strategic drill, even though cats are nocturnal and most active at dawn and sunset. Your kitty friend may be doing things like making sure everyone knows where the exits are, keeping an eye out for potential invaders, or, worse, tapping into its own complex system of feline Morse code. Those unexplained noises in the middle of the night now seem much more sinister, don’t they?

Your cat’s litter box may be the nerve center of its clandestine activities, but to the uninitiated, it may just be a smelly need. Let it sink in: There seems to be an unusual amount of time that your cat spends in there. What gives it the willies that it won’t let its, well, “business” be buried? Is it trying to conceal something else amidst all the chaos? Possible covert communications with other feline spies?

Is it common for your cat to stare out the window for extended periods of time? Think about it: it’s just staring at the birds or trying to relax. Nevertheless, here’s the twist: It may be secretly collecting intelligence for its feline espionage agency.

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