By. Anuradha

Many people love to see dolphins! They are so much adorable and you will never feel bored watching them. Some people have made it their hobby to watch them on weekends and who even go on special vacations to spot the lovely animals. Of course, it is all worth it as the sight is mesmerizing and you will never forget how lovely to see them jumping out of the water!

When a huge pod of dolphins swam across the coast of California last week, many onlookers were thrilled by the breath-taking sight. The pod began to march up along the Laguna beach and they began to surround a vessel that was on the water. They raced alongside the boat and there is no need to say that the people who were inside the boat go the best experience that they can ever get in their lifetime!

It was not just one dolphin or a two but there was a lot and you get to see this sort of sight only once in a while. In the video below you can see the mesmerizing sight and it seems as if there are more than 100 of them floating alongside the boat.

Southern California is always considered as a great destiny for dolphin seeing and annually a large number of people visit the area just to see these creatures. So, if you are looking for someplace for your next travel destiny, then surely go to California because you are sure to see some wonderful sights that you will remember for ages!

So, watch the video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts about this with us!

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