A significant number of us have, at some point in our lives, been forced to part ways with a cherished animal companion, and it is a sad reality that the majority of animals do not live as long as people do.

But what if the animals we kept as pets when we were children could remain with us for the rest of our lives? This is the situation for one woman, who has kept the same pet tortoise ever since she was seven years old, and it is feasible that he will continue to exist for another hundred years after that!

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Now, their friendship which has lasted a lifetime is going viral on the internet.

Tiptoe, an African tortoise, was the gift that Caitlin Doran, who lives in Los Angeles, California, received for Christmas in the year 2001. At the time, she was seven years old.

During an interview with her, Caitlin stated, “I don’t know if I just loved the attention that came from having a truly unique animal.” “However, I was aware that I desired something that I could simply spend a great deal of time with, and a tortoise was at the top of my list.”

Caitlin continues to take care of Tiptoe, who has recently celebrated his 22nd birthday and now weighs 175 pounds. This event marked the beginning of a bond that will last a lifetime at this point.

For the entirety of my existence, “Tiptoe has been by my side. He was present in my graduation ceremonies for elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Since the beginning of my existence, Tiptoe has been there for me,” Caitlin said in an interview.

The fact that I am going to have Tiptoe for the rest of my life is something that I am completely at ease with at this point in my life.

Not only does Tiptoe have his very own pool in the backyard, but Caitlin also prepares meals for him that are made entirely out of fruits and vegetables. According to what she shared with the New York Post, “Tiptoe lives a very spoiled and pampered life.”

When these two people who had known each other for their whole lives suddenly became viral stars in the year 2020, their lives were irrevocably altered. In the pandemic lockdowns, Caitlin recorded videos of herself preparing delicious meals and feeding her tortoise. These videos quickly became quite popular on TikTok, garnering millions of views between them.

They have over 4.5 million followers on TikTok, which confirms that they are legitimate online stars after all these years. People from all around the world are ecstatic to watch videos of the lovely turtle. Tiptoe has not been influenced by his recent rise to prominence; rather, he has just continued to strive to live his best life.

When it comes to life span Tiptoe will probably outlast his owner since African tortoises have the potential to live between 80 and 120 years. Caitlin stated in a video that she uploaded to TikTok that she intends to provide care for Tiptoe for the rest of her life and that she will leave him to her children if she passes away first.

Caitlin has stated that she will continue to make videos with Tiptoe indefinitely. She also acknowledged that even though the internet can frequently be unpleasant and toxic, they have gotten a great deal of love, and many individuals have informed her that the videos have assisted them in getting through difficult times.

As Caitlin prepares to spend even more decades with her cherished tortoise, she emphasizes that Tiptoe has instilled in her the importance of taking things at a more leisurely pace. In an interview, she stated that “nothing needs to be fast-paced.” “Slow and steady like the tortoise is the successful strategy”.

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