By. Ran

Happiness is, hands down, the most important thing in life. And if we want to preserve our happiness, we have to let go of certain people. Sure, it is hard to let go of someone whom you love. Moving past someone who occupies a special place in your life takes time.  You cannot let go of someone overnight.  To be able to let go, you have to be hurt, several times. Your trust has to be betrayed time and time again. After you’ve given all your love to someone who didn’t deserve that, after your heart has been broken multiple time, you will be able to let go finally.

Because those who have hearts made of pure gold do not lose hope easily. They believe that, no matter what, things will work out.  No matter how many red flags are there, they turn a blind eye to them. They make themselves miserable trying to make others happy, putting others before themselves.  Devoting their time and energy to people who don’t even deserve a second of attention, they forgive and give second chances to people who don’t deserve to be forgiven.

But, it is not as bad and worrying as it may sound. You see, all the negative and painful experiences actually prepare you; they get you where exactly you need to be. They make you become the person you are meant to be.

One day you will realize that it all had a purpose. You will realize that all the pain you had to go through was not for nothing. All the experiences and the energy you gained from those failed relationships actually have a purpose.  They, in fact, made you wiser and stronger.

Now you know what kind of people are good for you.  Now you know what type of people you need to stay away from. Now you know what makes you happy and who you want to be.

That is why when your mind tells you to let go of someone, no matter how hard it is, you have to listen and let go of them and be strong. Because what the future has in store is way better than what you have now.

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