By. Anuradha

She is the kind of girl who will never get enough of your love. She will always need to see you, to listen to you and be around you. You will never make her happy by giving her the richest gifts on earth. She does not want diamonds or gold. All that she needs is your undivided attention and love.

She will never be happy with your Audi or your iPhone. She is not someone who likes to see you only in suits and branded clothes. She will love you the same even when you are wearing something cheap and inexpensive. She does not need you to show off in front of others. Despite what your profession and family background is, she will be proud of you. she will be proud to have you and love you for who you are and what you have. What she needs from you is immeasurable.

You cannot put a price tag on that.

She wants your love. Your attention and to be the biggest part of your life.

You might think that all the girls are going after money. Perhaps, you might have had girlfriends who came after you only because of your money. So, you would look at her in the same way. But that is not the truth. She will not give her the best smile for a gift that you sent by messenger. But if you can spend at least a few hours with her, that would lighten up her mood and that would be the best gift you can ever give her.

She is someone who knows that life isn’t about material possessions. She knows that life is all about those things that you cannot put a price on. She has been raised in a family where they have taught her the value of love, kindness, dedication, and attention. She will give her best to you and the only way you can repay her is by giving your pure love and care to her. 

More than anything also keep in your mind that she deserves the best. She is one of a rare kind and it’s all worthy to treat her the same.

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