By. Anuradha

We are living at an age where it has become difficult to find the true meaning of love and life. Some so many people are consenting for marriage just for the sake of being married. There is no any happily ever after for them and because of this, there are many people who have given up their hopes on true love. However, here we have a beautiful story of a couple who are celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary and their love story will tell you more about what true love is. 

Most of us think people with Down Syndrome are not matured like us and that they should be constantly taken care of. A marriage between two individuals of this condition is not likely to end up successfully or that’s what most of the think! 

Image credit: Maryanne and Tommy

However, Maryanne and Tommy, who were the first couple with Down Syndrome in the UK to get married have now spent 24 happy years together and their story makes all those assumptions about people with Down Syndrome completely false. 

They fell in love and got married in an Essex church almost two decades ago and many people were truly baffled by their love story. They met at a day center in 1991 and dated for 18 months before Tommy proposed Maryanne. They re-enacted their first dance form Dirty Dancing to celebrate their anniversary remembering those good old days. After their marriage, the couple has lived independently but they were surrounded by family members to assist them whenever necessary.

When Tommy proposed, he didn’t have enough money to buy her an actual ring and therefore, he has decided to propose her with a plastic ring from a vending machine. But Marianne’s mother had heard about the plan and she has helped him to buy the ring he wanted.

Their love story is truly inspiring and beautiful and there is no doubt that their story would be a good inspiration for all parents who have kids with Down Syndrome. Every love story is beautiful as long as you trust and believe in each other and we all have a lot to learn from this couple!

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