By: Anuradha 

Marriage is the absolute bliss of everyone’s life. If you find the right partner for your life your life would be much easier and more beautiful. On the other hand, if the person that you find does not suit your whims and fancies, then you would surely have a hard time in your life. But, something that all of us should keep in our mind is that no one would live in the way that we want them to be. None of us are alike and if you truly love someone, then you should be able to like them despite all the differences.

It was revealed that 50-40% of marriages in the United States end in divorces and this is not a good thing at all. Gerald Rogers, who is a motivational speaker in Utah wrote 20 tips for men on how to save a marriage in one of his blog posts. With his article ‘Marriage advice I wish I would have had‘, he had given a good message to everyone who is in love and who is about to move away from their love. So, here are some points that he mentioned and hope these would be useful to all of you!

Never stop dating.

Once a couple gets married, they think they ‘have’ each other. They no longer adore or appreciate each other. There will be no more surprises, no more gifts and life would be so dull even without your knowledge. So, never take your wife for granted. Always try to make your love life filled with wonders. Don’t get lazy in your love.

Protect your heart.

First, love yourself. when you love yourself enough, you will know how to love others. You will begin to love your wife in a wonderful way and you would be able to have a special relationship with her.

Allow yourself to fall in love every day.

Most people believe that once you are married, romance is over. But that is not the truth. When you are married, you get more space to love each other and you should use it wisely. Always fall in love with her again and again and you will see how beautiful life can be.

Focus on the best in your partner.

When you start to live closely with each other, you will see many faults in your partner. That is quite natural. But, don’t let those mistakes dominate and ruin your relationship. Always focus on the good and beautiful things in your relationship. Then you will see only love and you will have fewer things to worry.      

Don’t try to change her.

No one can change yourself except you. when someone else tries to change your ways and means, you would not like at all. In the same way, even she would not like when to try to change her. You married her for who she is. So, love her all the time without trying to question her behaviors. She would change her ways if she wants. Don’t coax her for anything.

Be accountable for your own emotions.

No one can take control of your emotions. you are responsible for your happiness, sadness, anger and all. Your wife is not responsible for your mood shifts. So, try to take control of your feelings and that will have a real influence on your relationship.

Never blame your partner.

It is true that your wife will do many things which you don’t like and there can be a lot of moments that you get mad at her. But, always try to control your anger. Blaming will only trigger something that is inside you. it will create unnecessary scenarios and you would end up in a bad situation if you do not control your emotions.

Don’t always try to fix everything for her.

When she is upset or sad, listen to her and make her feel that you will always be there for her. But don’t try to fix things for her as it is not your job to fix it. you only have to show her that you believe in her and that you will always be there for her whenever she wants.

Have fun.

Don’t try to be serious all the time. just be relax and enjoy life. You will have a better go in everything when you are happy and satisfied.

Learn her love language.

Every woman loves to be appreciated and they all have their own ways of measuring love. You would probably know what your wife likes the best and try to please her doing those little things. That would mean a lot to her than you would imagine it to be.

Be present.

She doesn’t need only your presence. She needs your attention and time. when you are at home, make some little talks with her. Listen to her and treat her like a queen. She would feel special about everything that way.

Take her sexuality.

Don’t try to make love to her whenever you want. But take control when both of you are at that moment.  give her space and make her pleasure your top priority. In that way, she would be more free with you and will trust you a lot more.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. But don’t make it an excuse.

Everyone can do mistakes. That is just human nature. But, don’t try to use it for your benefit. Take responsibility for the mistakes that you do and always determine not to do them again.

Give her space.

Let her have her space whenever she needs it. that will make her really happy and that will help her to be more connected with everything.

Be vulnerable.

You are not perfect and even she knows that. So, don’t try to be someone that you are not. Accept your weaknesses, your powers and when you are open about yourself, she will have more courage to linger around you.

Be transplant.

Always be honest and open with your partner. Always share what is happening in your life with her and make her a part of your existence. You need to drop masks if you need a strong relationship and you will experience the full dimension of true love, only when you are open with each other.

Continue growing together.

Always have common goals, dreams, and visions in your life. When you grow together, your relationship will also grow up strongly.

Don’t argue over finances.

  Don’t make financial issues ruin your love life. It is true that those things can pressurize you, but don’t make it to be a barrier in your life. Win the money game together. Fight together.

Practice forgiveness.

Always forgive immediately. You would not win an award for being angry for a long time. focus on love instead of picking up fights.

Always choose love.

When you make love to be your first choice, you will surely have the happiness of your marriage. So, love all the time despite all other happenings.

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