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Those magnificent creatures that we see on TV shows such as Game of Thrones seem very imaginary. Such glorious creatures that soar high in the sky and breathe fire out of their long scaly snouts. Their wings are so strong and broad spearing through the sky. What creature am I talking about? Dragons. What if I tell you that there are some creatures that look like them?

The Great Eared nightjar, is a unique-looking bird that will make you stop in your tracks at the sight of it. Small but perky ears, long furry wings, and a small, barely visible beak. The nightjar is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

The nightjar, scientifically named Lyncornis Macrotis, is a part of the family Caprimulgidae. They weigh approximately 0.131kg to 0.151kg and have a length ranging from 30cm to 40cm.

Predominantly found in Southeast Asia. Nightjars are birds that prefer to live their days out at night and are found in forests most specific areas of the forest that has rivers. These birds feed on insects.

Their mating season is usually within the first few months of the year. They would lay one egg and instead of just the mother looking after the egg, both the mother and father look after the egg ever so dearly. In other words, it is double the love for the precious egg.

The more interesting fact about their eggs is that they are laid on the grounds of the forest and made to look exactly like the floor providing additional protection for their babies.

If you are lucky enough to hear the special call that the nightjar has, you are definitely lucky. It is a sound that will create a distinct memory in your mind and a soft corner in your heart.

This world is filled with extraordinary creatures and so many that we have never heard of or seen. The beauty of the great eared nightjar is undoubtedly distinct and stunning in its own way. It may not look exactly like the dragons that we see in major TV shows but it is definitely the closest we can get to a dragon.

Image Credit & More Info; fly_with_jenisha/instagram

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