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When Walt Disney first created an amusement park he had one thought in his mind: to create a place where both adults and kids can enjoy together. Since then, amusement parks have got people’s attention and many adults and kids love to spend their vacations in these parks. However, being to Disneyland and being their first customer is something that can happen to a person once in his lifetime. Dace MacPherson was lucky enough to be Disneyland’s first customer back in 1955 and he was rewarded with a lifetime ticket which gave him free access to Disneyland!

Dave was a college student of 22 years of age when he first got this lucky chance to visit Disneyland. He was studying at Long Beach State College back then and was thrilled when he first heard about the opening of this grand park. Perhaps, by now you would have thought it might have been quite easy for him to be the first customer as people were not familiar with the concept. Well, if you thought so, you are wrong! He didn’t become the first to enter by a coincidence. Dave was quite awed with the first saw Disneyland’s opening festivities on television when it was opened for celebrities. It was everything that anyone could ever imagine of and that was when the thought struck him – to be the first of all the commoners to enter the park!

He had no option but to get onto his bike and ride 10 miles from Long Beach, California to Anaheim. By 2.00 am he was there and he waited another few hours and purchased the firs ticket issued to the common public. As the first customer, he got the privilege to enter the park freely and Dave has been visiting the park annually ever since.

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Image Credit & More Info: Disneyland

Dave MacPherson was just 22 years old when he became the first customer of Disneyland.

After watching its opening ceremony, Dave decided that he needed to be their first customer.

He could become the first common person who got the chance to enter the park.

He made a 10-mile trip on a motorbike to begin the queue.

This is the compliment card he received with the admission ticket.

He has been coming back to the park ever since.

This is him with his friends and his wife.

His wife Wanda has also been a constant companion of his trips.

He has always been a huge fan of Disney.

Here is a snap from the grand opening of Disneyland back in 1955.

It was opened to the general public on the 18th of July 1955.

Dave was the lucky person who got the chance even before all the kids.

He says that seeing the line of 6.000 people behind him in the line is something that he will never forget.

He got a chance to see Walt Disney as well!

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