By. Anuradha

Getting pregnant is one of the happiest news for all married couples. They wait anxiously till their beautiful babies come out but unfortunately, all babies are not born alike. Some babies are born with certain health defects that affect their growth but people end up loving their babies despite all these imperfections!

Charlie and Milo McConnel were twins who were born with Down Syndrome. This happens as a result of a tripling instead of a doubling of a certain chromosome. This condition causes growth difficulties, difficulties in cognitive abilities, a significant facial appearance and other problems associated with that.

Image Credit & More Info: Julie, Charlie, Milo & Family

However, when a child is born with Down Syndrome, many parents become frustrated with their life and often try to ignore the child. They would be ashamed of their kid and the child would not receive love and attention that he/she should have. Providing an example for all parents around the world, the parents of the twins, Dan and Julie have done something really amazing!

In fact, they are almost celebrating the condition of their twins and show the world the ‘upside’ of the condition. They post pictures of their twins regularly and all of these pictures challenge the conventional ideas about this condition. Simply they share the truth about raising kids with Down Syndrome.

This is what Julie said about her wonderful kids;

“My hope is to attract families that are receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child because that can be really scary. I hope that people will find us, and see that this is what life can be like. It can be fun, it’s full of love, it’s not scary. We have no regrets, and there is so much joy in our lives, and I hope that people will see that.”

The couple is attempting to create a safe community for their kids where all other parents with kids of this condition can join together and share their fears, experiences and learn from each other.

“It takes them a little longer to meet milestones, but when they meet goals we celebrate like no other parents alive,” said Julie. “We throw a party and we’re so excited for them when they accomplish those things.”

“It’s big to show everyone else that we are here, and there are all these kids in our community, and we hope that they will see us and remember us and that things will continue to change in our communities with lots of acceptance,” their dad added.

“We’re standing on the shoulders of other parents that have paved the way for all these things to happen and it’s an exciting time to have a child with Down syndrome…I want to see them grow up and do whatever they want to do.”

So, what do you feel about this beautiful story? Isn’t this the right message that we all should share among everyone and create a beautiful world for kids with this condition to live happily? Please share your thoughts with us!

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