A pet can become one of your best and most loyal companions. You need interaction with another being. you need the touch, the laughter, the love. The power of friendship can help you stay both mentally and physically healthy. However, everything is not easy and cute as you think.

Have you ever had a cat before? if your answer is “NO” are you willing to get one? How about if “Auxx Me” say you STOP and Reconsider it? Cats can Turn your Life upside down and give you a very complex life experience.

1. To wake up in the morning, most of us set alarm clocks to wake up on time. When you have a cat, you will be woken up by your cat.

2. They need to have breakfast by 4:50 a.m. and not a minute later! That’s how the Loyal catness works.

3. Food always tastes more on that floor, not in the bowl.

4. Your cat will be responsible for your lovely cake on your birthday.

5. Your gorgeous kitty cat is going to shadow you relentlessly all day long, mentally criticizing everything you do.

6. There will be no privacy for you, they have never heard of it.

7. “no I will not allow you, I am sleepy” your bathroom will be the best nap place for them.

8. “Ah! are you going to work without me”? You furry will never allow you to use your chair.

9. Oh! Your bed, don’t you think you need to have a good sleep after a long day?

10. If your furry decided to steal your husband, who will stop her? Just no one!

11. “Wow, this is a good feeling for me” cats never feel the least bit ashamed.

12. After all, they are proud of their actions.

13. “NO you did this” they are good at shifting to blame to someone else.

14. “I need to sleep now and wake up my master in the early morning” do you think you deserve this?

15. Cats like to sit on your head, but you love them, don’t you?

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