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Benson. A name that has been circulating. A name that has captivated almost all social media outlets and a name that brings about a smile on everyone’s face. Benson is the sensational Instagram cat.

Once left in the streets of Dubai, Benson was adopted by a family visiting the glorious country of Dubai. The previous owners of Benson had left Dubai and made the conscious decision to leave Benson in the streets up until it was found by a family visiting Dubai.

The sight of Benson was more than enough for the family to fall in love with it. Its beautiful fur coat, small paws, and dazzling eyes melt even the strongest hearts. The family adopted the little cat, named it Benson, and began his new life in the USA.

The love between the owners and Benson blossomed. Benson loved his father, waiting for him to come home after long days at work and cuddling with him as often as he could. But his love for Tuna trumps it all.

The owners noticed that Benson was no ordinary cat. He seemed to stop dead in his tracks when cameras were pointed at him and appeared to be posing. During one incident, it appeared as though Benson was posing with glasses on and that kick-started his modeling career.

The family invested in a multitude of little clothes that blend into the areas of the house that Benson most preferred. Little hats for different occasions, bathrobes, kimonos, suits, etc… were packed into his little cupboard.

Benson seems to be able to take up any character that his parents dress him up in. One day, Benson is a Starbucks employee while the next day, he is batman, or shall I say Catwoman?

Benson allows his owners to dress him up in anything except putting on socks and shoes onto his furry paws and poses with attitude to the camera, becoming the sensation that he is now.
Benson’s spectacular pictures have taken social media by storm and melted the hearts of many while enjoying his life with his kind-hearted owners.

Image Credit & More Info; a_street_cat_named_benson/instagram

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