By. Anuradha
They say our face mirrors our self and you cannot agree with it more if you look at this cutie from Japan. When you look at him, you can know all about that is going on in his head and that is why the hero of our story, Gen is known as the most expressive doggie ever in history!

We know that by this point, you would probably be bored at home as this year is not a good one for most of us. The destruction caused by a pandemic is hazardous and the year even became a meme as it did no good for anyone. However, we have our little Gen here, who would bring a smile to your face for sure. After all, what we need is some little positivity to brighten up our day and we spoke to his lucky owner to know more info about this baby.

“His name is Gen and he is a corgi boy with a tail. He turned five on May 3rd. Like most corgis, he is active, playful, and clever”.

But the most impressive thing about Gen is his face. He can make a lot of expressions and you would love him for all these funny faces he makes. He has earned over 11k followers on Instagram and people love him a lot. However, his owner said to us that despite all this love, Gen was born with a certain condition.

“He was born with hereditary chronic renal failure. It cannot be cured. This disease causes Gen to experience polyuria (urinating more than usual), polydipsia (being thirsty all the time), anemia, malaise, and high blood pressure. To make things even worse, Gen was also born with other convulsive seizures prostatic hyperplasia”

So, Gen has been a frequent clinic patient and will continue being one for the rest of his life. Currently, he’s on dialysis three times a week, gets 4 injections, and receives 6 types of medicine. “He also gets a blood test and echo test once a month,” his owner added. “His diet is a special one, centered around his renal failure. All his threats are additive-free and made in Japan.”

However, when it comes to his expressions, they’re genuine, and his owner accepts it is an attribute of the dog having a happy life.

“A dog is family. Even if a puppy comes to you with many incurable diseases it has had since birth, it’s not a reason to let go of it. Yes, Gen will live a much shorter life than your average dog and yes, his treatment costs a huge amount of money, but we, his owners, will continue to give him [the best treatment we can] and enormous amounts of love. I think that sticking to your treatment and spending time with your loved ones are the secrets to having a great short life.”

I am sure that when reading these thoughts of Gen’s owner you would have felt pretty bad about the doggie. But, you can be happy by thinking Gen is having a good time with the ones he loves. So scroll down to see some pictures of this baby and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Image Credit & More Info: Corgi_Gen

#1. Yummy Yummy!

#2. Think they caught me!

#3. Time to be cute!

#4. Mommy save me!!!

#5. Were you looking for me?

#6. Hey there!

#7. Me at a party!

#8. Who ate my pudding?

#9. Itchy neck y’all!

#10. Throw it, Daddy!

#11. Please take me for a walk!

#12. Posing time!

#13. Gen and pearl white teeth.

#14. That walk!

#15. Hide and seek.

#16. Mr. Handsome.

#17. Taking myself for a walk.

#18. Me being a good boy.

#19. No way!!!

#20. Cutie.

#21. Gen the flower.

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