By. Anuradha

I need to thank you for what you did to me. Yeah, it is not a good thing but thank you for breaking my heart and shattering it into pieces.

Because of what you did I am whole again. I am happy now and you are the one who showed me what life truly means.

You treated me badly and made my life a living hell. You made me hate the things I loved and I need to thank you for that. now, I know what sort of a man I truly deserve. I know how beautiful life can be and now I am waiting for a man who will love me truly and who will treat me in the way I deserve.

Thank you for breaking my trust in you.

You were unfaithful countless times and I always end up being disappointed. But now I know what happened not because of your fault but because of my faults. I kept my trust in someone that I should never have trusted. I wish for big things from someone who will never think of making my dreams come true. The mistake was that I kept my faith in the wrong person and that mistake I did was choosing you.

So, thank you for not being there for me when I needed you.

Thanks to you now I know how to love and respect my self. Now I know I should never prioritize the needs and wants of others over mine. Now I know people will be there only for their needs and that I need to protect myself from them.

Thank you for making me feel weak and unworthy.

Because of you, I know my strengths and skills. Now I have begun to believe in myself and I know I am unbeatable. You didn’t love me and now I have begun to love and appreciate myself. I love me for who I am and I embrace everything which makes me feel perfect.

So finally, thank you for showing me what a one-sided, messy relationship can be.

You taught me how one-sided love functions. Now I dare to stand on my feet and heal the wounds. I am open only to a person who truly deserves me and I won’t repeat the same mistake. You helped me to become stronger and wiser and thank you very much for that!