In order to treat a sick cow, veterinarian Ogün Öztürk once had to travel to the village of Düzpelit in Ordu, Turkey. The task was finished in a short amount of time, and he planned to come back right away. However, an unforeseen event came up afterwards.

Something grabbed Ogün’s interest just as he was ready to depart. As he looked out into the snow, he noticed a young girl carrying a puppy on her back. That was how their friendship began.

Cemre Su Türköz was a girl who resided in the hamlet. Pamuk, her dog, has been itching for several days. Cemre hurried to take her dog to the vet because she was afraid he was sick. Cemre had to find an alternative way to find help for her pet since the district center was inaccessible owing to the severe snowfall. And fortune smiled down on them.

Image Credit & More Info; OGÜN ÖZTÜRK

Cemre learned that day that a veterinarian was going to arrive in town to check up on a sick cow. Cemre Su saddled Pamuk and rode over a mile of snowy mountain roads to go to his residence, terrified that the vet would quickly leave the area. He was caught by surprise.

She brought her ailing dog to Ogün, where he itched all the time, she couldn’t take him to the district center because of the snow, and she couldn’t afford to get him checked out. Such a remarkable customer would be impossible to turn down. Ogün promptly performed an examination, and thankfully, the puppy’s condition was not life-threatening. His condition could be remedied with a little simple medicine.

Ogün did not demand payment because he was so moved by the 8-year-old girl’s bravery. Even when Cemre offered him seven liras, he turned them down. The greatest form of compensation he could hope for was her generosity. A friendship was formed amongst the three in no time. Ogün frequently returns to the village in the future to see Cemre and Pamuk.

The bravery and commitment towards well being of your loved ones is a quality that needs to be admired. Kudos to this young hero of a girl.

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