By: Anuradha

We often hear clichés like “all men cheat”. But do you really think all men cheat while all women stay saint like all the time? Well, the truth is when things go bad and when you feel you are not into her, you will find other means. However, no one can justify cheating. If you don’t feel for her anymore, then you should tell that directly and move away without cheating. Good men never cheat his loved one and here are the reasons why he never cheats her.

1. Good men appreciate everything he has

Good men know how hard it is to achieve things in life. Everything that he has taken is the effort of endless dedications and therefore he would not do stupid things to lose those things. He is totally aware of the value of genuine love and so he would not cheat his girl and make her miserable.

2. Good men are much more than his instinctive urges

We often hear people telling men can’t control their primary urges. But the truth is like everyone else, men do have self-control. It is only the way they think and behave. Good men never give priority to their sexual urges because they know they should be limited only to the one he loves. He has a wonderful self-controlling in these matters and knows what really matters are not the pleasure of a few minutes but a lifetime bond.

3. They value true love. Not a one night stand

Good and honest men know that a real love can hardly be gained. So, they would not be enchanted by a one night stand and instead would keep their self-restrictions waiting for the best.

4. Real men respect and love the woman in his life

Real men have a true respect for the women they love. They would never humiliate her and put her into uncomfortable situations. He knows the value of his lady and therefore, would never indulge measures to make her feel bad. They would never try to destroy her self-esteem and instead would try to make her feel appreciated and valued.

5. A good man has integrity

A good man has a well-established discipline and value set. The core of integrity is doing what is right when no one is watching. He would stick to being faithful not just please the girl but also because doing against is opposed to his self-values.

6. Goodman never wants to prove his masculinity

A real man would never do anything cheap as getting so many girls to prove his masculinity. He would not do such cynical things to be a man instead would prove his masculinity by being a real gentleman.

7. Real men never go away from challenges. Instead would face them with vigor

Life has its own rhythms, ups, and downs. When the relationship reaches a difficult phase, they would not take that time as a mean to escape and cheat on her. They would instead find ways to sort things out and would make the affair more meaningful by their acts.

8. They will never turn back on his partner

A good man will never leave his girl as he knows a relationship is not just sharing a physical intimacy. It has much to do with the true bond between them and he would never do anything to harm this spiritual bond. Real men know the value of a true love and the girls who have men like them are the luckiest.

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