By. Ran

All of us have our favorite teachers. They all went the extra mile to give us the best experience, to inspire us! And below is a collection of pictures of such teachers. They are truly Nobel Prize worthy!

#1. Our teacher has a student draw ‘the cat of the day’ on the board. He was not there this Friday and our teacher decided to draw a ‘substitute cat’ form the internet. I just love our teacher! (reddit)

#2. A teacher wanted to help little boys with no dads. So he started a ‘gentlemen’s club’ where the boys would learn how to shake hands, make eye contact and so on. Now the boys do not miss out on anything just because they do not have their dads with them.  (dumpaday)

#3. My former art teacher believed that you can make art out of anything. And this is him proving that! (imgur)

#4. Once the teachers made a fun photo for the yearbook. (imgur)

#5. And decided to continue doing so. (imgur)

#6. My algebra teacher did a handstand to demonstrate reciprocals. (twitter)

#7. My teacher has been wearing the same clothes for every school has ever taught in. (twitter)

#8. They changed the first lecture time from 9.a.m to 7.a.m. and my teacher found the perfect way to oppose this decision. This ladies and gentlemen is a ‘pajama riot’. (reddit)

#9. This teacher is demonstrating how to put on a sock because he is not allowed to teach teenage students how to use condoms. (youtube)

#10. This teacher does not let go of any chance where he can encourage his students! (imgur)

#11. They take magnum pi and picture day very seriously. (reddit)

#12. Having seen this, I just wish I had not already been graduated. (twitter)

#13. And we know who wins the ‘best photo of the yearbook’ prize! (imgur)

#14. This chemistry teacher is taking it to the next level! (imgur)

#15. This math teacher celebrated her 100th birthday with her elementary class students. (imgur)

#16. A math teacher’s way of celebrating the Pi day in style! (imgur)

#17. This teacher does know what it takes to motivate students during the final exams! (imgur)

#18. My teacher is really hot, right? (imgur)

#19. My microbiology professor wore this throughout the entire lecture! (reddit)

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