By. Anuradha

What if you happened to lose some part of your body all of a sudden? That would be like the worst nightmare ever. Unfortunately, many humans, as well as animals, have to face this destiny due to some unexpected happenings and the most important thing is how they deal with it in the rest of their lives.

An earless seal at Okhotsk Tokkari Center in Monbetsu, Hokkaido Japan is the hero of our story. He was gifted with a plush miniature version of himself and the seal absolutely loved it. He is receiving some special treatments at the zoo and everyone hope that he would be able to get back into the sea.

The Ainu word for “azarashi” (earless seal) is “Tokkari” and the center name being the same imply the sheltering and conservation of earless seals at the center. All the visitors can observe the natural behaviors of these seals and they are also given the opportunity to take part in close-up interactive activities with them. so, the center provides conservation facilities for earless seals who have been injured or caught in fishing nets. This conservation center is one of the most important marine animal conservation facilities in Japan.

It is not a secret that day by day marine animal population of the word is getting low in number due to many reasons and mainly because of human deeds. Hundreds of innocent animals are suffering from these inhuman acts and if we do not take any measure to stop these human behaviors, surely we would soon have to say goodbye to flora and fauna on earth.  

You can watch the earless seal playing with its toy-like version in the video below and this story will show you how much these animals also need love and care. Share the article and make everyone aware of what they should do to protect the mother earth. This is the high time for all of us to stop the inhumanity towards animals!

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