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In this modern world, nothing stays a secret no matter how embarrassing they are. Just a click of the camera and every tiny detail is captured! And shared! Even though they might be a little embarrassing at first, you can definitely look at them and have a good laugh later. Here is a collection of photos that will give you your daily dose of laughter!

We hope all these people are doing well now!

#1. Great background! Great selfie! (ppswwe/reddit)

#2. Just explain to me how that cat got there? (Valens/reddit)

#3. We really hope that she would change her mind before shooting! (Unknown author/Imgur)

#4. Perfectly timed! (kellynash)

#5. She is more scared than the falling baby himself! (BteThatsMee/reddit)

#6. A unique selfie indeed! (PM_ME_YOUR_UPPERCUT/reddit)

#7. Explains why they hate volleyball. (PaperkutRob/reddit)

#8. Trust me, nobody expected this from an innocent reindeer! (Maklo_Never_Forget/reddit)

#9. Being on your phone while driving is dangerous! (Gherop/reddit)

#10. When you are on the verge of dying but still want others to think you are okay. (Aschebescher/reddit)

#11. She made a mistake. And left a footprint! (brdraper/reddit)

#12. The greatest last picture captured by the camera since the invention of cameras. (p07a70/reddit)

#13. Just a few seconds before the disaster hits real hard! (pizzamagica/imgur)

#14. Either the couch is inflatable or they are using the finest sorcery known by man. (Unknown author/Imgur)

#15. Maybe they staged the fall? (GallowBoob/reddit)

#16. We all know a person who is a magnet that attracts bad things! (poopyAR/reddit)

#17. Her revenge is not gonna be pretty. (Unknown author/Imgur)

#18. When fate slaps you in the face, just close your eyes and face fate like a man! (krilled/reddit)

#19. Dive into the pool from wherever you want. Just make sure that you are this gracious! (kavads/reddit)

#20. It was the last day of the program and everybody was happy. Little did they know that they were about to be drenched in water, thrown from heaven up above! (Unknown author/Imgur)

#21. No matter what it takes, find the best show host you can! (Unknown author/reddit)

Do you have any crazy photos? Shame them in the comments section!

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