Casey the Schnauzer screamed of joy when her long-lost sibling came home after 2 years.

Rebecca Svetina and Casey (Family Dog) known to each other for a long time. They have been pals for about 9 years.

Casey was a little brat when Rebecca was studying for her communication major at Kent State University

During the college vacation, Rebecca returned to her parent’s house is Murrysville, Casey was always there to greet her.

Rebecca’s college friends know that there were a lot of hellos and goodbyes when Rebecca visits her home and until she returns to college.

But its highly doubtful to everyone as Rebecca has never gone for so long like this before.

On July 23, Rebecca finally returned home after 2 years. However, Casey could not have been happier to see her

Rebecca’s family was very excited to see her, but her little doggy stole the show. Please watch the video for yourself to understand the scene.
Rebecca’s family says that Casey is a very loyal friend to their family.

She (Casey) gets very excited to see the people who are close to her. She greets them with an excitement if they have gone for a few hours and come back.
However, no one had ever seen Casey get so excited until the day Rebecca returned home.


In 2008, Rebecca decided to head off to Slovenia after her graduation. Due to this reason, Casey and Rebecca had to distant their relationship even more.

Miha Svetina is the new Husband of Rebecca. He has recorded the video of Rebecca and Casey to share with their friends. They have a lot of friends and family back in Europe.

However, this video has been shared among Millions of people due to the heartwarming nature of this incident of a dog and human.

After Publishing this video in youtube, Rebecca and her family have received a lot of phone calls from curious reporters and people all of over the world.

They said in a phone interview,
“We were actually worried.
Was she having a heart attack or a stroke or a seizure?”


At first, Casey screamed out of joy Once she saw the Rebecca, However, she couldn’t do it longer. Then, she decided to collapse on the ground with a happy feeling that her friend has come.

When you see the video, you can hear that Rebecca’s husband in the background questioning, “Is she okay by the way?”

They took the Casey to a Veterinary surgeon after the incident because they need to make sure that she’s doing well.

Rebecca and her husband have married in Slovenia a year ago. They live with their closest American friends and family.

Moreover, Rebecca’s friends visited the Murrysville on July 26 in order to have the reception in Ehalt family home.


The couple had plans to visit some amazing sights around Pittsburg during that week Including the Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece in Fayette County.

However, these plans came to fruition since certain media groups have requested for them to give interviews regarding this incident.

Media groups such as CNN, Good Morning America, and a few local news stations were able to score an interview with Rebecca and her joyful dog.


Rebecca decided to go to Slovenia because her grandparents live there since 1908

Rebecca got a scholarship after a year of her stay in Slovenia.

She says, “It’s a beautiful country with just 2 million residents and you can swim in the sea and hike in the mountains all in the same day.”

She met her husband Miha during her 11th month in the country. However, she has stopped visiting her home more often. Therefore, it has caused Casey and Rebecca to see each other in 2 years.
Rebecca is a professional graphic designer and she is also an English teacher.

Unfortunately, Sweet little Casey misses her friend as Rebecca has moved to Slovenia…

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