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We recently shared several articles about birds with multiple colours. Some of them look as if they have taken a bath in a painter’s basket but today, we thought of sharing info about a bird who has a distinct green colour so that it looks as if it can glow in the dark. This is none other than the green tanager and I am sure that you will end up loving this cutie.

If you are a bird lover, you would probably know that the colours of birds often help them to protect themselves from enemies. They can easily hide among bushes, branches and leaves because of their colours, but unfortunately Green Tanagers do not belong to that category. You might think that they take multiple uses out of their green plumage but the green colour of this bird is so bright that it looks like a neon light and therefore, they can easily be spotted even among trees and bushes.

They claim that, There is no filter on these photos to make the color pop. The birds are very green.

Image Credit: Unknown

You can find Green Tanagers commonly in Ecuador and Colombia. They are about 13cm in length and weigh only around 24 grammes. They eat various kinds of fruits and insects and even though male and female species often look different in several bird types when it comes to Green Tanagers, both males and females look more or less the same. The only difference is that the females do not have a green colour as bright as the males and other than that they look alike in all aspects.

Image Credit: Andres Vasquez N

You can spot them flying in groups but most of the time Green Tanagers love to be in pairs. So, if you ever visit Columbia or Ecuador or any other place where you might spot Green Tanagers, then do not forget to take a picture along with them and share the picture with us.

Image Credit: Featuring Standout Bird Pics

These birds play a huge role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem but unfortunately, we often hear news about how bird populations are degrading. So, share the article among your friends and remind them also to love mother nature and to try their best to protect all animals!

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