By. Anuradha

We all have to pretend a lot in our lives. If you recollect your old memories, you would surely remember how you pretended to be sick whenever you felt like not going to school. You might even have pretended to be angry just to get extra attention from your partner. But have you ever come across a horse that pretended to be dead whenever it feels like not letting anyone ride him? The answer would probably be a big NO. but to our surprise, we came across such a horse and we thought of talking about him!

Jingang is very much different from other horses that you would normally hear about. He is not very much keen about being riding over by humans. He has his way of life and whenever someone tries to ride him, he pretends to be dead in quite an over-dramatic way which surely prevents humans from riding him. His trainer, Francisco Zalasar uploaded a video of the horse dying in this way and it quickly went viral. More than 82,000 people liked his video and it was shared 630,000 times. It was quite funny to see how the horse is acting and many people relate it to their own experiences where they have been acting in the same way to avoid office days.

Double ‘D’ trailers have collected some amazing facts about horses and as we talked about Jingang, we thought of sharing them with you. Horses do have the ability to run within several hours after being born and no need to say that this is quite special. You might even have seen them ‘laughing’ which means that they are doing a nose-enhancing technique which helps them to understand whether the smell is good or bad. If you do some more researching, you will also find many other facts that are equally impressive.

So, scroll down to see how Jingang is acting and we also have a video for you.

Image Credit & More Info: Frasisco Zalasar

Some horses might not enjoy doing some hard work.

Jingang is such a horse who pretends to ‘die’.

He is doing this as he doesn’t like to be ridden.

Jingang enjoys ‘horsing around’.

But not the hard works.

It is cute but naughty too.

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