By. Anuradha

The feeling of being loved and loving someone in return, is one of the best feelings all of us can experience. It does not matter whether it is an animal or a human or even a tree, we all feel love. However, when it comes to humans, we see that there are disputes and quarrels even between loved ones. We do not even need a reason to find fault in each other and humans are also known for holding grudges over time. So, if you do something by mistake, there is a huge chance that your bestie might end up being mad at you for quite some time and that is why the relationships that we have with animals are way more precious and beautiful.

When Jocelyn Anderson made friends with a red-bellied woodpecker, he knew that he made a friend for lifetime. Birds are naturally caring and adorable and red-bellied woodpeckers also belong to this category. They are known for storing nuts and foods in the crevices of trees and the beauty of this habit is that all woodpeckers as a group follow this habit. So, sometimes even if you have not stored the food in a particular tree, you might find some stored there by some others belonging to your group.

You can find these birds commonly in deep forests in the East of USA. They are rather rare but if you are a careful bird watcher and have a passion for finding out new bird species, then you can organize a trip to see them.

These woodpeckers also have a distinct tongue which they can stick out for around 2 inches. They are adorable and in this video Anderson shared, you can see one of them coming to eat food out of his hand. We do not hear about red-bellied woodpeckers building friendships with humans very often, therefore this video is really unique and important.

So, scroll down to watch it and do not forget to share it among your friends who might also love to have a look at this beautiful bird.

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