When the video of the song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” became viral, many of us came to the realization that we actually do not know what sounds foxes make in order to communicate with one another. We are now aware of the answer because of a rescue organization known as SaveAFox. This organization provides assistance to foxes who have been rescued from fur farms as well as those that have been abandoned as pets.

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Foxes, like a great number of other animals now in existence, are capable of communicating and expressing themselves through the use of their own sound.

It is dependent on the species that they belong to and comes in a vast array of vocalizations. Their screamy tone is difficult to describe since it takes on a variety of sounds, ranging from sounds that are similar to barking to a high-pitched howl. I believe that the best way to comprehend something is to listen to it for yourself, therefore here is the video that demonstrates how these animals sound when they are in a fun mood while having their bellies stroked. However, hold on, there is more.

Due to the fact that the rescue organization publishes a large number of videos and photographs of the foxes that they have rescued, they have also recorded a great deal of additional sounds that these animals make. The following is a video of an eager fox that is delighted to see her caretaker, and here is a video of how they sound when they are calling for someone.

Take a look at how delighted and ecstatic she is to hear a sound that she is familiar with!SaveAFox is a rescue organization that operates on a not-for-profit basis and works to save the lives of injured foxes that have been rescued from fur farms as well as foxes that have been adopted as pets and then abandoned. Following Mikayla’s years of service as a volunteer at various animal shelters, the rescue organization was established.

The woman who has a deep and abiding affection for foxes made the decision to form an organization that provides care for these creatures; as a result, one of the most significant fox rescues in the United States of America was discovered.

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