By. Mahesh

In reality, dogs and grateful and loyal animals to their owners and this has made a bond between man and dog. A dog owner knows that a dog offers far more than company. They will be the dog owners’ friend; accomplice and their behavior will bring a ton of laughter.

Therefore, the saying “the dog is man’s best friend” is something based on facts. Many attempts were made to find why the dog has become man’s best friend. According to the anthropologist, Sir Francis Galton, it is said that for an animal to be domesticated, there are six factors that needs to be considered. They needed to be hardy, loving, possess a genetic liking towards man, breed freely, and easy to look after. Dogs fulfill all these six criteria.

Today we have a collection of pictures we found to prove that the love between dog and man is very unique in comparison to other pets.

#01. The puppy’s face says it all. Dogs usually are very attentive to the surroundings, and they are always on alert by keeping their eyes open. But this little puppy rests its eyes while this mans holds it. This is because it feels safe in the hands of this man.

#02. This dog seems to be loving the warmth of the owner on that cold day. He lets the owner cuddle him to sleep. Indeed, the best home for a dog will always be your arms.

#03. People will not stay by your side all the time. When things get hard, they are driven away. But a dog will never abandon you. It will always be with you through thick and thin.

#04. This picture shows a homeless man on the street taking care of its dog. Everyone one had given up on this man and only this dog stays by his side. No matter what the situation is, they always take care of each other.

#05.  A dog is undoubtedly the best company anyone could have as pets. A dog never disappoints you.

#06. This is also a real photograph of a homeless man taking care of his dog.

#07.  The dog sleeps under the owner sheets. This picture is the most adorable one of all.

#08. I cannot afford to give you the luxuries you deserve, but I can provide an unlimited supply of love.

#09.  Dogs are very grateful in nature. They do not desire many material things. Look after a dog once, and It’ll look after you throughout its’s lifetime. A simple gesture of kindness is enough for them to follow you around it’s whole life.

#10.  I can’t think of anything that beats my owner holding me like this all day.

#11.  Who needs kids when you have dogs that acts like kids their whole life?

Ps; Photo credit goes to all the rightful photographers. We do not own any of these pictures. Please contact us for any means necessary. Thank you.

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