By. Anuradha

A beautiful smile can say a lot of things. Your confidence, your personality, and your attraction depend on the way how you interact with people and your smile does a big part of this task. Some people own a very attractive smile and there are also ones, who are not fortunate enough to have such a blessing. Particularly, the people who do not inherit a beautiful set of teeth always show a reluctance to give a wide smile as they cannot be proud of their set of teeth.

This seems a critical condition as many people over the world do not get equal opportunities to maintain good oral health. They hardly see a dentist in their lives and some reports even suggest that still there are people in third world countries, who do not have a toothbrush.

Image Credit & More Info: Felipe Rossi | Por1sorriso

When Felipe Rossi from Brazil started his career as a dentist, he identified the necessity of maintaining a beautiful smile. At the same time, he was also aware of the people who do not have the luxury to maintain such comforts.

He wanted to be a solace to all those people who suffer from rotten teeth and as a result, he set up a mission to restore the smiles of thousands of people who are not able to go for regular dentist appointments.

He established a charity named Charity Por1Sorriso through which he aims to give the less-fortunate people the smiles they deserve, for free!

By now, he estimates that he has performed about 1,500 free surgeries and he also gives routine medical treatments such as root canals, cleanings, fillings, and crowns. He shared some before and after photos of his clients and their transformation clearly shows how happy they were with their new smile.

Now, over 4000 volunteers have gathered with Felipe’s movement and they travel along with Felipe helping him to make his mission successful. Their work is done through sponsorships and donations that they receive and Felipe hopes that his NGO receives more funds to make this mission successful.

So, If you enjoy the beautiful transformation in these people and if you have some ability to help them, then don’t hesitate or think twice! This will be one of the best decisions you ever take in your life and you will never regret it for sure!

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