By. Anuradha

If you were asked what do you mean by anxiety, what will you say? You would probably define it as worrying unnecessarily over trivial matters or making a big deal out of nothing.

But the truth is not this.

If you have ever had anxiety in your life, you would know that it is not simply about worrying. It can make a person’s life quite miserable and you would only have tortured memories about how bad your days were.

Anxiety is the constant feeling in you that makes you feel like something is badly wrong. You might not quite be aware of what exactly is wrong but you would feel as if you don’t make it right, everything would go wrong. You would feel exhausted in every waking moment of your life and would quite be shaken even with the tiniest obstacle.

You would always worry about everything that happened in your past as well as is anxious about the unknown future. You will feel unsettled and restless which prevents you from enjoying the present moment as well. Even the slightest inconvenience will put you in doubt and you would easily be on the verge of tears.

When you are anxious, you will also apologize for everything even when the fault is not in your hands. You would constantly be obsessed with the fact that everything must always be right and to create this perfect moment, you might take responsibility for the things that you are not responsible at all. As a result of your constant worries, you will begin to hate your life and you will eventually come to a point where you feel like giving up everything.

So, simply anxiety is a mode of self-destruction. It is far worse than simply worrying over something. It is the constant struggle between perfection and the inability to achieve it. It is the need to be loved and the vacuum created by having no one to love them.

So, if you have someone whom you feel like going through this, be kind to them and listen to them. You can make that person feel appreciated and when they feel someone is always there for them, they can take control of themselves in a better way.

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