By. Ran

You need to remind yourself that Self-love is not selfish! Being in your own company is not lonely! Spoiling yourself with a few treats is not narcissistic!

You cannot expect somebody else to love you truly when you yourself do not love you. This is a simple truth. So let’s clear some things out. Many believe that being alone is an indication of being lonely. No, it is not! When I enjoy a cup of hot coffee in my favorite coffee shop all by myself I don’t feel a bit lonely! In fact, I enjoy being with myself! Because such moments help you realize the importance of you.

You are the most significant thing. Your well-being, your happiness matters.

So take yourself on dates. You deserve it, absolutely.

You know yourself inside out. You know the places and food you like. You know what is best for you. So isn’t it a great idea to take yourself out on a date? If you think it is weird or awkward, it is not. You know why? Because you are doing all these things for you. And it is beautiful. Yes, you might get a strange look or two from people who still believe that being alone is equal to being lonely. But trust me, they are jealous they still haven’t experienced the happiness of spending quality time alone. So go ahead, treat yourself with the same love and kindness you would show a friend.

And if you are still looking for motivation to love yourself, here it is

Practicing self-love is advantageous in so many levels. Once you start, you’ll drastically lower your stress levels, you’ll decrease your anxiety, and you will be much stronger in the face of depression. You won’t depend on anyone and you will start doing what you love. Once you realize how amazing self-love is, you will grow at a drastic pace.

So embrace yourself and accept who you are. Choose you. Celebrate you. Celebrate your accomplishments, the effort you put into them. Take care of your body, your curves, your soul, your mind. Forgive yourself for the mistakes and move on.

And above all, let go of toxic relationships and all the drama.

This is about making you happy. So if anyone dims your light, let go of them without thinking twice. Leave things behind so that you can grow. Be brave and your future self will thank you one day. Once you transcend your comfort zone and be comfortable with YOU, you will thank yourself for this step. You will become empathetic, kind and loving toward others as well.

So go on, take yourself out on a date, and enjoy some quality time alone.

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