By. Anuradha

There are thousands of cat lovers all over the world and they all have different preferences. Some want their cats to be sweet, some want them to be ferocious and some love their cats to be huge. The best thing is that depending on our needs, we can select the cat we want as there are numerous breeds of cats and they are in large numbers!

However, despite the growth rate of cats and their number of breeds, still, some breeds are very much rare and almost all cat lovers dream to have such a cat one day in their lives. Perhaps, by now you might have guessed the breed that I am talking about! Yeah, it’s Maine Coon cats, the biggest dream of all cat lovers!

Maine Coon is more like a magical creature coming from a fairy tale. They are more than being ‘just cats’ and their huge size does not only give them a magnificent look but also has them crowned as the king of the cat world. Many people love to own one of them as it is truly an honor to have a Maine Coon at home!

So, the proud owners can always be seen sharing hundreds of photos of their pets on the internet and there are Instagram and Facebook pages devoted to Maine Coon lovers. We found one such Instagram account which belongs to the cat Lotus and she has over 356k followers! If you scroll down in her news feed, you will understand the reason for that number as the cat is not just posing but simply slaying it there!

So, here we shared some of the pictures taken from her account and when you have a look, you can see how good she is at posing!

Image Credit & More Info: Lotus

#1. Me with my human!

#2. My human making breakfast.

#3. Feeling the breeze!

#4. The sofa is not enough for us!

#5. Me washing!

#6. Behind the blue sky!

#7. Yawning!

#8. Hey there!

#9. Me on my couch!

#10. Kiss her.

#11. Sleepy time!

#12. Shaking hands!

#13. I am not a couch potato.

#14. In front of the waters.

#15. Why are you looking at me?

#16. The graceful pose.

#17. Cuddling time!

#18. Sipping something nice!

#19. My kingdom!

#20. The bunny!

#21. What?

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