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The golden snub-nosed monkey is a primate that belongs to the family of Cercopithecidae. They inhabit the mountainous forests of Southwestern China and are also known as Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys. This animal has the unique ability to withstand cold average temperatures when compared to other non-human primates. Golden snub-nosed monkeys are herbivores that feed mainly on lichens.

They are usually found in groups that range from 5-10 individuals. The group members maintain a very close connection. At times the males might stay solitary. The females form close bonds with other females. Protecting the young members of the group is considered to be a group effort. In times of danger, the youngsters are placed in the center of the group for protection.

Their thick coats, as well as sleeping in clusters, assist these creatures in keeping warm and surviving cold temperatures. Mating might take place throughout the year, but mostly during the month of October. These herbivores also feed on fruits, seeds, young leaves, buds, flowers, bark, and herbs. Their diet changes from season to season. Some of their main predators include wolves, leopards, northern goshawks, and golden eagles.

Recently someone managed to capture video footage of a rare golden snub-nosed monkey being fed with berries and it is sure to melt your heart. There’s no doubt as to why the video went viral because the monkey munching on the berries is absolutely adorable. The internet went crazy over this. Apparently, this endangered and wild monkey from China lives harmoniously with the people in the Maoping village.

Some people have highlighted the ASMR-type sounds that the monkey produces when munching the berries, while others have compared the creature to an Ewok, a fictional species observed in Star Wars Universe. The golden snub-nosed monkey is not the only rare creature you get to observe in the village. The village is also home to other rare creatures such as the crested ibis and giant pandas. The locals display a high dedication towards protecting animals and living in harmony with them.

Video Credit & More Info; Soggy Toothpicks/youtube

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