By: Anuradha

We all get angry for this and that in our daily lives. But the way that each of us reacts to anger is different from each other. Sometimes one person may shout and be violent whereas someone else would cry and be silent. Even though the best way to deal with anger is to take some time to calm down and express what you feel in a non-attacking way, many of us lack this quality. We tend to express what we feel in most different ways and here is what you can tell about a person’s personality by the way they express their anger.

1. Shouting

We all have met those people who shout like mad when they are angry. They are the type who express their anger because they feel misunderstood and they need other people to know what they think. Even when they know that they are faulty for something, they will try to intimidate others and put blame on other people by being too dramatic. They think that they need to demonstrate their anger in order for them to get some validity and most people tend to take out the complains when the other one seems to be hurt by that. So, the angry person automatically gets more power and win the argument he/she needs.

2. Sad and silent.   

There are some people who get really quiet when they are upset and they display this behavior because they think that if they express what they feel, the other one would be upset by it. They keep their anger bottled up and refuse to be open up about what they feel. They do not want people to stop loving them for who they are and by being silent they try to mask their real sentiments. They wait for the right moment to bring their anger up but eventually they forget it and act as if nothing happened. But, by refusing to speak up, these people naturally distance themselves from the ones who hurt them.

3. Violent

There are people who get really violent when they are angry. They will throw out things, hit others, break furniture and might even lash out others. they become destructive when they try to externalize their feelings and this makes them really dangerous to be around. However, their anger is followed up by a sense of shame but they can be too late to apologize for all their behaviors by then.

They try to be violent as they feel that they are being disrespected by others and this feeling stems from the idea that they are superior to the ones around them.

4. Crying

Some of us might not do anything other than crying when we are angry and the reason for this is, we feel helpless when we are angry. They feel overwhelmed by the extent of their anger and the only way possible for them to let out the anger and sad inside them is through crying. These people who cry when they are angry to feel that no one loves them and treat them with compassion and they feel unreasonably disrespected. However, responding to anger with tears help them to repair their relationships and get a better understanding of the situation.

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