By: Janani

“ What’s an old soul?” would be the first thing you would ask if you didn’t know the meaning of the term. An old soul is someone who is mature than they look, not physically per se but mentally or spiritually. They have a greater appreciation of the things than those in the same age might dismiss (urban dictionary) You might come across people who act as they are 30 or 40 when they are merely 20. Even the kids can be old souls, and you might even have said “ this brat talks like my father!” Now, let’s see what are the characteristics of an old soul, and check if you, yourself is one!

#1. Mature beyond the age

If you feel or talk of serious topics your friends might not be interested about or you see things in an advanced way than your friends, then you are matured beyond your age. Even as a kid, you might have preferred to be in the adults’ circle than the kids’ table.

#2. Introverted and solitary life

Old souls are solitary beings. They tend to be alone than partying or hanging out with friends all the time. They prefer to have a peaceful and clean mind without barging into other’s business or issues.

#3. Seeker of Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge

Seeking truth, Knowledge and wisdom are the main interests of an old soul. They are more into intellectuality than gossiping or talking about last night game! They could be bit self-centered in that sense, yet they have the habit of finding the truth and engaging in more philosophical and meaningful discussions.

#4. Acceptance of Death as inevitable

Many of us fear the topic of death. But old souls have accepted the fact that death is inevitable and thus, hold no fear in dying.

#5. Focus on Bigger picture

When many people tend to worry about each and every single thing in life, old souls would not freak out for simple issues. They see the bigger picture in life and face the issues with a better view and  understanding about the  life.

#6. Look down upon materialism

Old souls do not like to hold onto materials, wealth or fame. They see such things to be mere desires of human frailty. They spend a spiritual life, seeking happiness in mind.

There are many other points to check out if you are an old soul or not. As it was mentioned in lifehacks, old souls know there’s always an alternative for any problem, they are good at giving advices as they act like the wise aunt/uncle in your family! Or they keep their horses calm without jumping the gun like many people do! Etc.

Do you think these points match up with your personality? Then, Congratulations! You are a good old soul in a younger body!

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