Cedric is an adorable stray cat who was rescued from the streets 11 years ago. His human momma, Anita Corrie Schellevis, an angel in the form of a human, saved the poor creature. After Cedric was brought home, he began working on his masterpiece which would take years to complete. This work of art proves that Cedric is not just a cat, he is an artist as well.

As soon as the cat was brought home, Anita realized that he was extraordinary. Cedric is a loving and caring cat who can also be conscientious at times. “He is the best cat I have ever had. He doesn’t touch or wreck anything,” expressed the human owner. However, the above statement cannot be applied to the banister at the top of the stairs. Even though the cat was provided with numerous scratching posts, he appeared to be attracted to this particular banister.

Image Credit & More Info; Anita Corrie Schellevis

Though we do not know the particular reason why Cedric chose this specific banister, the cat dedicated all his clawing efforts to this single banister. It was in the year 2012 that the cat first sunk his claws into the banister on top of the stairs. Its once gorgeous surface was altered as the cat began to scratch away. Not a single person had any idea as to what Cedric was up to.

11 years have passed by since Cedric decided to put all his clawing efforts into the banister and the cat never stopped. Now the banister is barely recognizable since the cat’s clawing has greatly changed the appearance of it. “He scratches at the post at least three or four times a day. His favorite time to scratch it is when people come over to visit. It’s like a show-off thing,” conveyed Anita.

Cedric believes that this banister is the masterpiece that he as an artist has gifted to the world. Though Anita realized that all this clawing would alter the appearance of the banister, she never attempted to stop Cedric. 11 years have passed by and the creation is still a work in progress. Some of you out there might blame Cedric saying that he has destroyed such a beautiful banister, but there is undoubtedly beauty residing within Cedric’s work of art.

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