By. Ran

We all have played with stones when we were little, haven’t we?

Well, this Japanese artist took her childhood liking of stones and pebbles a step further. Akie Nakata, a self-taught Japanese artist turns pebbles into beautiful works of art.

She is a master at bringing these stones and pebbles to life. She makes some of the most beautiful artworks we have ever seen with her own hands.  She chooses stones that she sees as having their own character, and she turns them into beautiful animals by painting them using acrylic paints.

Image Credit & More Info: Stone Artist Akie

One day, as she was going for a stroll along the river banks, she came across a peculiar looking pebble. This particular pebble resembled a rabbit and when she saw this pebble, an idea sparked in her mind. She decided that she could turn it into an incredible piece of art.  Akie believes that each and every stone has its own intentions, so her encounters with them serve as cues, and she starts painting what she sees in them.

She establishes a connection with the stone. She respects it in the toto. So she never shapes an edge to alter the shape of the stone.

And the end results are lifelike and incredible. She claims that she tries to find life in the stones. Her paintings vary from dogs to birds in various colors and shapes.

To her, a work of art is complete only when the eyes of the painted animal comes alive and stare back at her, not when she is done with the detailing and painting the body.

She also believes that stones have a soul; she admits that she even talks to them while working.

The talented artist says that when she thinks about a long time it takes for a boulder high up in the mountains to become little pebbles which are scatted among our paths, she is reminded of the history of the earth that the stone has seen and witnessed.

Her creations are simply adorable and realistic; don’t you just wish that you had one of them all for yourself?

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