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Life in the 21st century is a pretty busy one. Almost all of us are victims of stress and anxiety; the number of those who suffer from anxiety is shocking. Yet, anxiety and stress continue to be misunderstood by many of us. In fact, anxiety has been largely misunderstood due to a strange desire people have to stereotype human behavior. We need to understand that stress is not just about freaking out and isolating yourself, never leaving home. Many people keep their feelings hidden because they fear being discovered by others. But it should not be like that. We should be able to openly talk about our feelings and to provide mutual support for each other. And here are some tips that will help you support those around you who suffer from anxiety and stress.

7 Ways To Compassionately Support Someone.

#1. Educate yourself.

Understand why it happens. Comprehend the reasons and the root causes behind it. It is very important to understand what it is before you can help.

#2. Be accepting.

A person who is suffering from anxiety and/or stress does not need you to change them. They do not want you to transform them into somebody else. They just need you to accept them for who they are.

#3. Don’t bring it up.

Unless prompted, don’t talk with them about the stuff they are not really comfortable talking about. They might not be in terms with their issues. They might consider it to be something shameful. So, instead of pressing them talking about their issues, go ahead and talk about regular day-to-day stuff.

#4. Be yourself.

Do not pretend to be someone else around them. Chances are if they liked you in the first place, they don’t want you to change on their account.

#5.Stay active.

Go out! Go hiking! Get some fresh air! Staying active is a well-known and effective remedy. It helps them get rid of their anxious thoughts.

#6. Be available.

Be there for them. If you want to help someone get through tough times, be available. Be there so that they can talk to you.

#7. Don’t judge.

It is not what it seems to be. The whole is better than is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to people.

Your friends and loved ones may be victims of anxiety or stress. But that doesn’t change who they are. So spread love, and take care of each other!

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