By. Anuradha

Dream love stories still do exist! Yeah, not only in Disney movies but also in real life you can see couples truly in love with each other and those are the people that make our world more beautiful for sure! Most of us in this present generation, look for so many things before choosing a partner. We search for their financial status, their academic qualifications, their family background, their appearance but not the fact of whether we can truly share our life with that one. So, many get married and end up in divorces because when they realize that despite all those materialistic glories, it is not really possible to have a life with their partner, their too late. 

So, it is really important to find your life partner based on the fact that whether you can love him/her and share your life with that one. Chloe and Jason is a unique couple because their love was all about themselves and they got married recently showing the true power of love.

They are a couple with Down syndrome and learning differences. They got engaged on June 4th, 2016 and even though both of them had special needs, they never let those physical barriers limit their love for each other. So, after all those years together they realized that it is the high time for them to get married and so, the dream wedding came true!

If you saw Jason’s smile and wonder after seeing Chloe as a bride for the first time, you would understand how deep is their love. They saw the whole world in each other and both of them were madly in love for their partner.

So, watch the video below and I am sure that your eyes would be moist at the end. After all, true love is all about finding someone with whom you can share your life and the love story of Chloe and Jason gives us all a very good message!

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