By. Anuradha.

We might surround ourselves with all kinds of people. Some can be inspiring, some can be haughty and you might not worry about their qualities as long as they prove to be good friends. But, something that you should understand is that all these people have a direct influence on your mood and energy. Your happiness depends on the way you interact with others and when you start sharing your energy with a negative and toxic individual, it will affect you negatively.

We can have numerous friends but the quality of the ones you are with is important than quantity. Even if you have a single genuine friend, that person is worth than having thousands of fake ones. Toxic people will only stay with you for their benefit. They might act trustworthy and friendly, but deep inside they only wait for your misery and downfall. So, be very conscious of the ones you are with.

You must understand that happiness does not depend on being fancy or showing-off things. You might try to be with rich people and with the popular ones. But the truth is that they might/might not have genuine qualities.

So, if someone makes you feel ignored, suffocated and unimportant, then do not hesitate to throw them out of your life.

You deserve much more in life and stop wasting your thoughts and feelings on those people who are not worthy of your attention.

Moreover, if someone tries to constantly show the errors of your mutual friends, then keep in your mind that, this person would do the same to you when you are not there. They only need to pass time by being with you and therefore, you have to be extra conscious of the things that you say and do with that person. All that you say can be turned into something bad and therefore, try to be away from them as much as possible.
We all need to know that our life is not permanent. If you waste it on bad people and bad thoughts, then, of course, it would be a great waste. So, stop giving your energy to negative people.

Being happy is not that hard. It depends on the choices that you make. If you decide, it is going to be a great day ahead, then you will see yourself working to create a good day and you will end up having the best day ever! So, always make the right choices!
We wish that you all have a happy day ahead!

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